Careers at Qorro Associates

About Us


Qorro & Associates started with a simple mission: making the life of creative entrepreneurs easier by offering them the support and knowledge they need to help them grow their businesses. And exactly this is what we’ve been doing by offering business owners in creative industries our accounting, tax and business advisory expertise. In short, we give creative right brainers the space to boom the visual colours of their businesses, by taking care of the rest.

We’re a small team with our eyes on growth so that we can support even more businesses in achieving their success. This means we need more brilliant people who share our ambition to join in with the next, incredibly exciting, part of our story.

About you

You are smart

You can understand complicated stuff and make it simple, you are comfortable navigating your way through ambiguous situations and use creativity to come up with really great solutions. You make decisions that have a positive impact.

You deliver, as part of a team

You get great results for yourself and others and have a sense of personal responsibility & accountability.  You are great at building relationships, look for strengths in the team and can work well with people from all types of roles and backgrounds.

You raise your own game

You take responsibility for your own development, always searching for ways to be better.  You stay curious with fresh ideas. You are generous with feedback and quickly act on any feedback given to you. You spot opportunities opportunities to make things better and don’t wait to be asked.

What you get

Dolly Parton may have worked 9 to 5 but you don't have to.

Your health and happiness is important to us so we’re open to a chat about flexible working arrangements. No promises, but we reckon that if it’s good for you, then it’s good for us. Oh, and when it’s your birthday, please celebrate on us and have the day off.  We believe that it’s all about give and take, you put in the hard work and we will make sure it pays off!

We’re always keen to hear from people who’d like to work with us, if you don’t see your dream job on our website, you can still send us your CV anyway. We’ll hang on to it and if we have anything we think you’d be great for, we’ll get in touch.