The importance of effective credit control

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Effective credit control ensures you collect your money when it is due.

Cash is crucial to your business. As such, effective credit control is imperative to running a successful business.

Your Business needs cash to survive. As a business owner, you need to be on top of what is owed to you.
We understand your business, your numbers and can help you project cash problems in your business.
We understand how difficult it can be to get paid on time and what a burden chasing outstanding balances can be time consuming and burdensome, even for small businesses.
Our own dedicated credit controller has the expertise needed to help your business improve its cash collection and give you the time needed to focus on your core business activities.
Why use us?
• dedicated and experienced in house credit controller
• Tailored service to suit your needs
• Disclosed or confidential options
• Speed and efficiency

To survive, any business must have an adequate level of cash inflow. Cash management is about ensuring the business has positive net cash flows whilst ensuring that excess cash is invested in order to maximise the value of the business. With this in mind, the value of credit control cannot be underestimated in any business. At Qorro & Associates, we recognise that the demands and requirements of each business differ depending on its size and our credit control service reflects just that.

So, If you find chasing your customers for payment too time consuming, we can help by providing a friendly credit control service to handle your debtors and get you paid in time.

The primary aim of this service is to provide sustainable receivables management solutions that optimise your cash flow and profitability by improving the efficiency of your Sales-to-collections process, thus removing the burden on your resource to leave you with the time to focus on core business activities.

We devote our time and attention to contacting your customers before the invoice is due and maintaining a frequent dialogue, using our experience to ensure timely collections whilst preserving your customer relations. Meanwhile, our rigorous approach is highly effective at resolving any disputes and maximising the recovery of outstanding debts. It is important for all businesses but particularly for small businesses to be able to manage its customers long before their invoices are due to reduce the likelihood of late payment. We have found invoice factoring impersonal and sometimes can affect your business relationships with your customers. Our system of credit control/cash management will ensure prompt collection of your monies without alienating your customers or risking repeat business.
We only offer credit control services to customers using an online bookkeeping system. This is because we need the live data to offer an efficient service in this area.

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